Monday, December 12, 2011

Making Moves

So after telling a good friend today that I never use this blog anymore, I became nostalgic and decided to revamp it and bring her back to life. I'm really loving the new design, which may actually help inspire me to write more. I miss writing. Writing brings me back to center. Back to me. I honestly think it's safe to say that half of my funks would be more quickly sorted out if I would just start writing daily again. So, in an effort to do just that, I'll begin by updating some on the event of the last few months of my life. The whirlwind that has been "post-grad life".

It all began on a pristine, sunny Sunday in May, when I walked the lawn for the final time. Except this time, I wasn't heading to class or heading to Bodo's. No, this time, I was about to commemorate all of the hard work of the last four years. This time I was graduating. Graduation was a really big deal for me. I understand that graduating college is a big deal for everyone, but for me, graduation was about more than attaining a degree. Graduation was about reminding me of the hard work I put in to go to my dream school and about the celebration of all of my scholarly and extracurricular pursuits while there. It was about fulfilling a life-long dream and being the first in my direct line of family members to be handed a bachelor's degree. It was about overcoming a lot of personal and familial obstacles to achieve what I sometimes forgot I really was capable of.

Graduation meant so much to me, in fact, that I think I forgot to spend much time thinking about or planning for what comes next. In what I only describe as pure luck (or the Big Man having my back), I somehow landed an internship at the.last.minute. and was able to live at home for the summer while completing it. As fate would have it, the puzzle pieces sort of continued falling into place throughout the whole summer, as I was able to volunteer in Costa Rica with my boyfriend and his brother despite not reaching my fundraising goals to do so (I have an amazingly supportive boyfriend - and boyfriend's father - for whom I am very thankful, that helped make this a possibility). Following all of this (technically preceding it by about 24 hours), I received a full-time job offer right outside of D.C. with a government contractor doing (of all things!) Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Shocking to actually be using my undergraduate degree to a certain extent when so many -ology's do not get the opportunity to do so. Again, the puzzle pieces magically fit into perfect place when after one phone call, I had a place to live for incredibly cheap. A family friend was applying for a position with his company that would require him (afford him the opportunity of a lifetime) to live and work on a project in Sydney, Australia. So, I was thankful enough for such affordable housing so close to work and he was thankful to have someone to keep an eye on his house and bring in the mail. All and all, things worked out pretty well. Almost too well.

Since moving up here in August, I have made friends, joined a gym, starting doing yoga again, traveled to New York City to see that same friend I mentioned earlier, and have pretty much just been "living the dream". Except, if you know anything at all about me, you will likely know that I do not like change. Not one little itsy bitsy bit. And it is this extreme dislike/fear of change combined with the shorter days and colder weather that has led me to my most current funk. That and the financial woes that are student loans. Okay, and I suppose if we're being honest, it is incredibly difficult going from living with six girls, all of whom are your best friends, to living completely by yourself in a big, old house. While some people may welcome this change with open arms, I've been barely tolerating it. Sometimes, I stick my tongue out at it. And call it names behind its back. I miss people.

I haven't been sleeping all that well either, but I'm sure that's part of the anxiety I feel toward living alone. I'm hoping that I'll start getting used to it at least enough to sleep through the night without the aid of a bottle of red. Joking. Kind of.

All of this leads me to why I'm so thankful for this sudden burst of inspiration to come out to my local Starbucks this evening, sip on a skinny mocha latte, listen to some of my favorite music, and write. I'm considering starting a few new blogs. Themed blogs, as opposed to my online journal blogs that I am ever so fond of. So far, two of my friends and I have plans to start blogs together. One being a foodie blog and the other being about the truisms we always hear growing up from our parents and how those mesh with or conflict with being a twenty something up here in D.C. And possibly another one that's just for me. Or maybe I'll apply to an already established blog. Who knows. Basically, I just need to start getting more disciplined and resourceful about looking for creative outlets.

One such outlet I hope to continue to take advantage of is learning to play new instruments. Currently, I am learning to do this:

I'm also trying to read more. Recently I finished a book called "Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven", a memoir about two girls traveling to the People's Republic of China about ten minutes after they opened their borders to tourists from the U.S. Definitely a good read. Also, I just got a kindle for my birthday, which I plan on filling to the brim. I should probably look into cloning myself so that I have more time to read and write - and go to work to fund these habits.

Speaking of work, I have to be in early tomorrow for an all-day workshop, suited up and everything. So I'm going to head home and make sure everything is clean and ironed. Hopefully, we won't go as long this time without an update. I suppose that's more on my end than yours, though ;)

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