Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Social Media Overload

It has occurred to me on several occasions that perhaps I have too many social media accounts. I mean after all, aren't we now just asking for Big Brother to take over? Truthfully, though, I'm not that concerned. Each platform affords me something different and unique that I don't really get from the others. Even if the capabilities are there, it's never quite the same experience. Except with Google+, which I'm sorry to say is going to flop. Their numbers have already plateaued and I don't see them picking it up any time soon. That's the thing about Google, though. They're not at all afraid to fail. They don't even look at failure in the same context as we do, though, because every few months they just turn around and do it all over again, a little better than the time before. However, I'm not convinced at this point in time that ever-growing powerhouse really will ever take center stage in the social media arena. Nor do I think they need to in order to continue being amazing. It's sort of like shopping for me. I love to shop. I also love Target. for me, Target is my go to place for pretty much anything. Key word being anything, not everything. Google is my Target. Great in so many ways, especially when I don't have a clear idea in mind of what I want. When I do have a clear idea, though, and I want that idea to be an expression of me, I go to my specialty shops/sites. Now, I recognize that Google does own Blogger, but I still don't fully associate them. It doesn't scream Google the way that Google+ does and it doesn't try to integrate all of your other Google products into its services. Which is probably half the reason I can get on board with it after being (correction: still am) an avid Xanga user for years.

What sparked me even thinking about all of this was that I recently created a Tumblr ( which I am a little bit obsessed with. The fact that it is so user friendly and so aesthetically pleasing appeals to both my artistic and efficient nature. I'm not sure where they're going in terms of the whole social media race, but I do think they're going about it the right way. They're building slowly, allowing for a lot of input from users, but still keeping their site under control (they are certainly no repeat Myspace - thankfully). Do I need a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger, Xanga, AND a Tumblr? Absolutely not. Will I keep all of them? Who knows. For the time being, though, I'm just enjoying the ride.

And with that, I will go ahead and create probably my fifth "post" for the day :)

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