Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taking for Granted

My dad and I had an interesting discussion today about how naturally we take things for granted and how quickly those things can be taken from us. So many of our problems or the things we stress about are actually luxuries in and of themselves. I've been dealing with car struggles for the better part of the last six months and as I embark on the journey of finally buying my first new car, it seems that my car is getting revenge and requires me to take it to the shop every other week. The dilemma is obvious here - every dollar spent on this car is another dollar taken away from my down payment necessary to get the new car. But the fact that I can even sit here and complain about this being a problem in my world is proof enough that I live a pretty decent life by most of the world's standards. The fact that I have a new job and am able to save a little at the end of each month now and put some money away for a new car is far from something to complain about. It's something that many people strive for (and many to no avail). It's a small example, yes, but it is the one teaching me the lesson currently, so it's fitting. It is my prayer that the Lord continues reminding me all of the ways that He is and has already blessed me and that I remember those blessings and give the thanks that is due in both the good times and the difficult times because both scenarios are designed to bring glory to His name.

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