Saturday, August 2, 2014

Naming Benjamin

This little boy has captured my heart with his small, yet fiercely strong fists. His beautiful little mouth tells me the stories of the exciting and expansive world all around him. His deep blue eyes light up the room and penetrate my soul. I know he's only four months old, but I see a wisdom, a knowing, in those eyes that often feels ageless. He's precious and tender, passionate and alert. What this child has already learned to do in a span of only several months completely astonishes and astounds me.

The Lord gave me the name Benjamin one cold, winter night toward the end of my pregnancy. It means Son of the Right Hand. I was having a lot of anxiety during that time and was not sleeping well. One particular night, while the house was quiet, and the wind swirled around outside, I was tossing and turning in bed. I decided to comb back through the list of biblical boy names, since I had a baby girl name picked out within the first month of my pregnancy, but had never fully settled on a boy's name. I was still pretty convinced it was going to be a J name, but nothing felt absolutely right. This particular night, I decided to start at the beginning of the alphabet. When I got to Benjamin, my heart jumped. Benjamin. I had never thought of that name. What a beautiful name. Benjamin. I decided to say it out loud, quietly, with my hand over my belly. He kicked. I said it again, and again he kicked. This time I prayed and asked God if this was really to be my son. After that I said, "Benjamin," a third time, and a third time, he kicked from inside me. At that moment I prayed and thanked God for this child. I knew then, that I was having a son, and that he was to be Benjamin.

In the bible, Ehud, Saul, Mordechai and Esther, and the Apostle Paul all came from the tribe of Benjamin. I do not think it at all a coincidence that this precious child was given this name. The lives that this child has already touched in his mere four months of existence is beyond comprehension. I do not know what the Lord has intended for his life, but I can say for certain that He wanted him here for a purpose. I pray day and night for that purpose to be realized and for this child to grow to love Him who loved him first.

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