Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Put Baby to Sleep

Putting a baby to sleep often feels like an exercise in futility. Or at least like some sort of a cruel hoax that never seems to end in laughter.

"Look kid. We just went through this last night. And the night before that. You know it's coming. I'm not trying to surprise you with this whole bedtime thing. In fact, I keep it pretty much the same every night."

Some nights the rocking is spot on. Others, you'd think I was doing the single most irksome thing in his little world. Yesterday my singing was soothing. Tonight it is making his ears bleed, and as such an affront, he's left with little choice but to scream over it.

Exhausted from all the protesting, he finally passes out beside me, still doing that little hiccupping thing babies do when they've been crying. A defiant foot keeps kicking off the covers. And I'm left wondering what all the fuss was about. I just don't see how being cuddled, rocked, and sung to sleep could ever be that bad.

Maybe I'm missing something. After all, he has proven to me there are a lot of things I know very little about. Like food, for example. I always thought food was best enjoyed in the mouth, when in reality, it is actually better experienced and appreciated when smeared all over your face and clothing.

This morning he is full of energy and cheer, singing for me the song of his people, so I can only assume I did something right. Perhaps in a few years I'll know what that is and report back.

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